What would Martin Luther do today?

The YM 2008 Conference was wonderful. Dan Kimball did a wonderful job of raising questions. We could discuss the answers….I don’t think we would totally agree….but I LOVE the questions.

Kimball went back and wrote on his web page about the conference and then he did this part:
« Imagining Martin Luther if he was just starting out in ministry today

It had never occurred to me that the Reformation was a young adult movement. Luther was only 29 when he nailed the 95 thesis. The young adults of today are bringing about another new movement in the Church and in many ways it is a breath of fresh air.

If we intend to be authentic in our ministries we must be about the business of dialog and discussing the elephants that Kimball says are on the table. Kimball raises most of these issues in his book, “They Like Jesus but not the Church” which I find to be a powerful book. It is so important to raise the questions. The answers will come as we submit to the Word of God and let the Holy Spirit lead.

Bottom line……it is about hospitality and a ministry of listening as together we seek how God is calling each of us to do ministry.

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