Themes: Journey of Discernment and Prayer

Pilgrimage Brochure 2007

Join Steve Arnold in a Journey of Discernment and Prayer. While tracing the footsteps of Luther, participants will be led in study and scripture around the theme of discernment. Participants will also join other Christians from around the world for prayer, Scripture study and reflection.

Beginning in the Eiseleben region, the participants will join in a “Process of Inner Discernment”. Just as the boy Luther came to know himself in this region, participants will be guided in an inward journey that will lead to a Spirit-discerned awareness of self. The time here will be an exploration of identity. “Who is God calling me to be?”, will be the question for this portion of the journey.

Moving to Erfurt, participants will walk the streets where Luther made his vows to be a monk, became ordained as a priest, celebrated his first mass and experienced great spiritual and personal struggle. Participants will be guided in a “Process of Discernment of Call.” “How is God calling me to serve?”, will be the question for this portion of the journey.

The final portion of the pilgrimage will take place at the monastic community in Taize. Thousands from around the world come to join in the prayer and study at Taize. Participants will be in a “Process to Discern Reconciliation and Peace,” while living in the simplicity of the community, experiencing silence, and, engaging in Scripture study.

Dates for 2008 will be set soon!

Contact Steve Arnold by e-mail: steve@pivotpointministries.org.

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