The Surprise at Taize

Steve Arnold at TaizeI went to Taize the first time expecting to learn more about how to do Taize style music in our worship settings. Everything I knew about Taize was the music and the prayer form. I wanted to experience it and learn it better so that I could lead it.

Was I in for a surprise! The music is only one part of the Taize experience.

I found a community that is centered in Jesus Christ and the call to reconciliation. I found a community that lives in the joy of praying and serving. I learned that praying leads to serving.

I found a lifestyle aligned with simplicity. The food, lodging and facilities are simple. You have all that you need and nothing more. It is simple. It is quiet. It is energizing to spend quiet time in prayer.

I found a way to connect with Christian brothers and sistersThe Cross at Taize from around the world who pilgrimage to this place of prayer and reconciliation. The Scripture study as a large group and the small discussion groups allowed for intense growth as the Body of Christ. It is a joy to be with the adults (up the hill) and to also be with the thousands of youth and young adults who gather at Taize for prayer in the Chapel of Reconciliation.

I found a place of quiet renewal with an opportunity to be strengthened for mission and ministry as I rested in the Lord.

If you are interested in joining us in journeying to Taize in May, 2007 please contact Steve Arnold at steve@pivotpointministries.org.

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