Book Review: Have A Little Faith: A True Story

It is not often that I get teary at the end of a book, but Mitch Albom has done it again in his book have a little faith: a true story (Albom, Mitch, 2011).  It really made me mad, because I was finishing it in a restaurant while waiting for my food.  I hate it […]


Lenten “Breather”

One of the meanings of the term “sabbath” is to “take a breather.”  In Genesis, God breathes into humans the breath of life.  After the Fall, it becomes Satan’s mission to make us breathless by stealing, through activity, the very life given to us by God. As I processed my own transition right now, it […]


Off On A New Adventure

Well, I am off on a new adventure.  I have been invited by the Lutheran Deaconess Association (LDA) to enter into formation as a deacon in their community with the intent of being consecrated as a deacon, and then with the invitation to help in the formation of a male community of deacons.  I am […]


Transitions and Personal Energy – Part 2

Richard Rohr writes, “‘Second half of life” wisdom requires prayer and discernment more than knee jerk responses toward either conservative or liberal ends of the spectrum….Law is still necessary, of course, but it is not your guiding star, or even close, it has been wrong and cruel too many times…..The Eight Beatitudes speak to you […]


Fractured Transitions

Our American culture seems to be fracturing before our very eyes.  This is a transition in how we do business with one another.  The intensity of the battle is such that we quit listening to one another.  We deride the politicians, with great justification I might add, but when we look at church leaders it […]

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  • An Eye-Opening Awareness: One More Transition for this Guy

    I sat at a luncheon two weeks ago that opened my eyes to a reality that I knew was there, but as the discussion unfolded I began to realize how the discussion, about to take place, was going to expand my thinking. As I listened to the needs of the people with whom I shared […]


    When it comes to the human condition and a desire to change, we can become easily frustrated: we think that we want to change … but we really don’t. Paul expresses this contradiction well in Romans 7:15-24: “I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do […]

  • The Crisis of Loneliness

    THE NATIONAL CRISIS CALLED LONELINESS From “LINKED IN” “America is becoming Isolation Nation. Nearly half of respondents to a nationwide survey by health insurer Cigna say they always or sometimes feel alone, and 54% say they feel no one knows them well. Such loneliness is connected to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and premature death. The […]


    I was leaving the exercise machine area at the gym, after a training session, and when I looked, up I saw her coming. She was pushing her wheelchair toward the exercise area. I said to her how inspired I was by watching her persevere at exercise. She said, “I am 86 years old and I […]


    I have a mixed relationship with the concept of change. I seldom, if ever, rearrange furniture. In my world there is a God-ordained place that furniture belongs, so leave it alone. I have a terrible habit of walking through the house in the dark, because i can. I know it is not safe (so I […]